Elisa Spa is a “must”.  Enter through its vaulted ceilings, lay down in its relaxation lounge while listening to the soft whispering of the main fountain, and follow the path of candles to our exclusive treatment rooms where our experienced therapists will guide you in choosing the treatment for you to attain the perfect balance of soul and body.   

You might want to start your Spa Journey with a traditional Moroccan Hamman.  This ancient treatment has its origins back in the Medieval Age: a ritual of cleansing and massage that played a significant role in Marrakesh society.   Live the authentic Marrakesh experience.

Elisa Spa also offers a variety of relaxing massages.  Choose from a hot stone massage, a deep tissue massage or a Moroccan massages.  If you have had a challenging golf day, we recommend to you our special golfer massage which will help you recover your muscle tone.   Our reflexology treatment is the best cure after a long stroll around the Medina’s street.

Marrakesh is full of flavors and colors, at Elisa Spa we carefully select the best natural ingredients such as argan, cane sugar, sweet honey, prickly pear and black clay to prepare unique facial and body treatments.  Treat yourself.

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